Portex is a Toronto based mineral exploration and development company in transition, the Company expects to announce a new acquisition in the near future.

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Board of Directors

Matthew Bassett
Chairman & Director

Matthew is a seasoned business professional and a proven entrepreneur with successes in both sole and joint ventures. Over his sixteen years in the financial services sector he has built a solid reputation. Initially Matthew started his career with Midland Walwyn and Canaccord.
Over the last few years he served as the Chairman and Founder of Eaglecrest Capital and Eaglecrest Securities, which under his leadership, specialized in raising monies within the $2 to $10 million range for projects and for variety of small to mid-cap businesses. In the past he also held a major management role as President & CEO of Bassett Media Group.
Matthew is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and offers his time to many charitable foundations including having sat on Boards of the Canadian Hero Fund, Good Shepherd Ministries and Heart & Stroke Centre for Stroke Recovery..

Arthur Simmons

Mr. Simmons received a BSME degree from Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T) and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has more than 40 years of technical industrial experience. This includes executive roles as VP/GM of United Technologies’ Fuel Injection Business Unit; VP/GM of Saginaw Machine and Tool Company, and VP/GM of LaSalle Steel Company.
In 1984, Mr. Simmons founded Astechnologies, Inc. (AST). As owner, he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AST until majority interest was sold to Eleison Composites, LLC (ELC) in 2005. He served as President and COO of Eleison Composites until it was acquired wholly by Innovative Composites Inc. (ICI) in 2011.
AST was a pioneer in the development of equipment and processing to produce and apply reinforced thermoplastic composites for industry. AST grew profitably to more than $85mm revenue, becoming a leader in products and technologies to serve the automotive interior trim industry. AST’s basic technology and know-how remain contemporary, providing a solid foundation for growing strategic deployment in non-automotive as well as automotive applications.
Mr. Simmons has broad international experience. He served on various US Trade Delegations to the Soviet Union in the 1970s and to India and China throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He has been publically recognized by the US Department of Commerce and multiple foreign countries for contributions to international trade. In 1993, He founded Euro American Composites, SA (EAC) in Brussels, Belgium. EAC was established to exploit automotive opportunities for thermoplastic composites in the EU, and to access technology and a supply chain related to natural reinforcing fibers for use in composite materials. After more than 15 years of successful operation as a distributor of US made products in the EU, EAC wound down operations and closed the end of 2014.
Mr. Simmons serves on the board of directors of Plymouth Tube Company and the Northeast Georgia Council of the BSA. He has received numerous professional awards and recognition including an honorary professional degree in Mechanical Engineering from MS&T. He is a member of the Academy of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineers, and holds numerous patents.